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Evening Standard – Carnage ‘Pick of the Day’

Evening Standard – Carnage ‘Pick of the Day’

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Pick of the day

Carnage – Sky One, Sunday, 8pm

TAKE a Mad Max-style rebooted game show, hosted by former international cricketer and all-round good guy Freddie Flintoff. Add MC Lethal Bizzle to the mix. Then, ensure Capital FM presenter Vick Hope is on hand to help dilute the testosterone. What do you get? Carnage.

The concept of the show is simple. Hope calls it a mix of Robot Wars, Mad Max and Wacky Races. Certainly, the design is inspired by George Miller’s crazed film franchise, and Bizzle and Hope look the part.

Just desert: Flintoff, Bizzle and Hope (Sky)

The influence of the Wacky Races is harder to spot, though this is a competition in which teams — each comprising a driver, an engineer and a mechanic — battle it out in a South African desert landscape, north of Cape Town, where the temperatures can hit mid-40C.

There are three settings: the grid, the scrapyard, and the dome. And, just to make it interesting, there are rampaging monster mutant trucks bent on mangling any vehicle which gets in their way. There are walls of fire too, and the basic idea is to smash the other team’s vehicle until they can’t be driven.

A post-apocalyptic demolition derby in dragged-up dodgems? Why not?




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Carnage review from The Guardian

Carnage review from The Guardian

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“A glorious mashup of Top Gear and Robot Wars”

There was a time when I would have looked at this and turned away in disgust. Now, however, I’m all in.

Carnage! What is it? “A bunch of cool cars on an epic collision course!”

Carnage! Where is it? Real men carry it in their hearts, but it is also on a patch of unidentified lawless desert and Sky One.

Which is to say the new Sky series, Carnage (which should so have an exclamation mark after it that I may write to my MP on the matter), is devoted to watching six teams a week race weaponised cars round a series of obstacle courses (sorry … “three brutal arenas!”) and try to bash each other into trenches, pits, the paths of monster trucks and oblivion. Because! There can be! Only one! Winner!

Everyone has a great time. The presenters (Freddie “it’s absolutely roastin’ out ’ere!” Flintoff, grime MC Lethal Bizzle and Capital FM’s Vick Hope) stand atop towers and shout encouragement at the contestants. Freddie, incidentally, sports a diamante-studded T-shirt that I’m sure I bought in Mango in 1986, but once I got used to the revelation that time is a flat circle, I was able to move on and enjoy the rest of the show. The contestants get to say things such as: “We’re going to destroy everyone!” and: “That Jag’s looking pretty soft from where I’m standing!” And one member of each team gets to drive whatever armoured, bespiked, be-buckraked, be-cowcatchered vehicle they have brought along until the vehicle is immobilised or they are paralysed by whiplash.

Freddie Flintoff, Lethal Bizzle and Vick Hope to host Carnage, Sky One’s war on wheels

Freddie Flintoff, Lethal Bizzle and Vick Hope to host Carnage, Sky One’s war on wheels

Carnage-TX-Clean1 HERO-min

Presenter Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, grime MC Lethal Bizzle and Capital FM presenter Vick Hope will be hurtling onto screens in new Sky One show Carnage.

The hosts join the high-octane show which will see teams of creative engineers, mechanics and drivers from throughout the UK and Ireland transform regular cars into weaponised battle-ready vehicles. Teams are then pitted against each other in a Mad Max-style combat in three vast arenas deep in the desert. The game is simple: inflict enough damage on your opponents to render their vehicles immobile, with the last car standing crowned Carnage champion.

All the diesel-fuelled crashes and smashes will air later this year on Sky One and streaming service NOW TV.

Freddie said: “Carnage has amazing vehicles designed by some top notch contestants. It’s going to be huge, exciting and intense, let the carnage begin!”

Lethal Bizzle said: “It’s awesome to be involved in such a crazy and exciting show.”

Vick said: “Carnage is like a mix of Robot Wars, Mad Max and Wacky Races – I can’t wait to see the mad cars the teams create.”

The six-episode Sky Original Production forms part of Sky One’s continued drive to bring viewers new, ambitious and action-packed entertainment shows.

Carnage is produced by Primal Media (a joint venture with Lionsgate) and Motion Content Group, with executive producers Mat Steiner, Adam Wood and Nic Patten for Primal and Melanie Darlaston for Motion. The commissioner for Sky is Barbara Lee.

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Rylan to surf The Wave for brand new beachside gameshow on W

Rylan to surf The Wave for brand new beachside gameshow on W

Rylan photo press

Wednesday 13th September, LONDON: Rylan is set to make his debut on premium entertainment channel W, hosting brand new gameshow The Wave (10×60’), a UKTV Original commission produced by award-winning production company, Primal Media (Release the Hounds).

Rylan said: I’m so looking forward to working with W for a brand new entertainment show. It’s sunny, it’s sexy and it’s funny. What more could you want! I can’t wait to work with an amazing team, playing a really fun game and can’t wait to meet our brave contestants who are going to be taking on The Wave

The Wave mixes sun, sea, surf…and stacks of cash. But instead of packing sunscreen, competitors must pack their swimmers as Rylan sends them off in pairs to battle it out on the Atlantic coast of Portugal in an effort to win the booty.

Rylan stays firmly on the shore with one half of the pair, while the other braves the Atlantic surf and puts their fate in the hands of the elements as they attempt to reach a series of pontoons further and further out to sea.  Will the currents, waves, and sea fog help or hinder their race to glory?!

Waiting on each pontoon is a question: get it right, then money goes in the swimmer’s swag bag. But get it wrong and a 1kg of lead weight goes into the bag instead… what could possibly go wrong?

For added pressure, they only win the money if the swimmer makes it back to their partner on the shore in time. Nothing like a relaxing day at the beach.

The Wave has been ordered by UKTV director of commissioning Richard Watsham and W general manager Steve North.  Commissioned by UKTV deputy director of commissioning Hilary Rosen who will also oversee as executive producer. The Wave will be produced by Primal Media, led by Adam Wood and Mat Steiner as executive producers and Sean Miller as series producer.  The series will be directed by Richard van’t Riet.

Hilary Rosen said: “The Wave is a fantastic new departure for a UKTV Original – we are stepping into the world of game show and this format is the perfect vehicle with which to welcome Rylan to the channel.”

Steve North added: “The Wave is a perfect fit for W and matched with the fantastic energy that Rylan brings to the format it makes for a brilliant series. I can’t wait to see how the contestants do – rather them than me in the Atlantic!”

Adam Wood said: “The Wave combines all the classic elements you would want in a gameshow with one massive variable: the full might of the Atlantic Ocean! Successful contestants will have earned every penny”.

The Wave, set to air in November, joins the slate of W’s recent UKTV Original formats including The Davina Hour and return of hit UKTV Original’s John Bishop: In Conversation With…, Dr Christian Will See You Now and Inside the Ambulance.

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About W

Sky 109/245, Virgin 124/191, BT & TalkTalk 407 / On demand on Sky and Virgin

W is UKTV’s premium entertainment channel, offering audiences a dazzling mix of UKTV original series; Dr Christian Will See You Now, John Bishop: In Conversation With…, The Davina Hour, The Secrets In My Family, Inside the Ambulance alongside handpicked gems from the BBC and Channel 4 including series from Louis Theroux, David Beckham, Stacey Dooley as well as the same day repeat of EastEnders.

About UKTV

UKTV is a commercial broadcaster reaching over 41m viewers every month.

The award-winning independent has eleven imaginative brands – UKTV Play, Dave, W, Gold, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Really, Home, Eden and Good Food. These include the two most popular non-PSB channels in the UK and account for nearly 10% of the British commercial TV market. The company’s most recent financial results showed record-breaking year-end revenue of £344.8m and EBITDA of £91.3m. It invested £151.2m in programming and related launches last year, and is a significant investor in British creativity.

The network embraces technology to deliver inspired channels to audiences through Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, YouView, Freesat, Amazon Fire and UKTV Play, and distributes its highly valued original programmes to 200 territories.

Now celebrating over 20 years at the forefront of digital television, UKTV – an independent commercial joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (SNI) – is proud to be the first British television broadcaster in The Sunday Times top 100 companies list. / / @uktv_press





Get ready for diesel-fuelled clashes and smashes, as epic car battle Carmageddon hurtles its way to screens in 2018. The high-octane and humorous show will see teams of engineers, mechanics and drivers transform their wildest car concepts into a reality as they hand-build armed and battle-ready vehicles. Then, in a Mad Max-style combat in three vast arenas deep in the desert, six souped-up cars will battle it out using their bespoke weaponry… and only one will survive to drive away and into the season grand finale.

The 6 x 60 series is produced by Primal Media (a joint venture with Lionsgate) and Motion Content Group, with executive producers Mat Steiner and Adam Wood for Primal and Melanie Darlaston for Motion. The commissioner for Sky is Barbara Lee.