Vicky Pattison: ‘Reality TV is ready for something new – Josh Must Win’ (

Vicky Pattison: ‘Reality TV is ready for something new – Josh Must Win’ (

Get ready for a spin on the reality TV genre as you know it.
Pete Wicks, Amber Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw with Josh from The Underdog: Josh Must Win
Matt Monfredi/Channel 4

Get ready for a new kind of series that is ready to take the reality TV genre by storm.

The Underdog: Josh Must Win is a brand new reality series that sees a group of confident contestants compete in a popularity contest, with all of them under the assumption they are on a series called The Favourite.

What they don’t know is that there are a group of celebrities who are doing everything to ensure that Josh wins! Tasked with their greatest challenge to date, Nick Grimshaw, Amber Rose Gill, Pete Wicks and Vicky Pattison are ready to use all they’ve learnt about reality TV to ensure Josh wins, and Pattison believes this series is just what everyone needs.

“It was a really nice opportunity to be involved in something in its infancy,” Pattison told and other press.

She continued: “You know, you think to yourself [that] everything’s been done and then all of a sudden, something comes along like this that is new and fresh and exciting.

“We lived this experience for about two weeks and I can’t tell you how obsessed and invested we became in it. It got under our skin, and I think it’s gonna get under viewers’ skin as well.”

Pete Wicks, Amber Rose Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw in the control room of The Underdog: Josh Must Win
Pete Wicks, Amber Rose Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw. Matt Monfredi/Channel 4

As viewers will see, the contestants have to vote for whoever is their favourite and as will become apparent, Josh is far from your stereotypical reality TV star, but it’s down to Pattison and co to ensure he becomes the most popular within the group.

The group will do everything and anything they can to influence the game, but must ensure they don’t get caught. This includes introducing format twists, setting tasks and mastering the art of manipulation, and Pattison can’t wait for viewers to tune in.

She told and other press: “I’m just raring for people to see all of these incredible characters, to get to know Josh and love them like we do. And to watch something new. It’s time. The reality TV world was ready for something new.”

Her sentiments were echoed by Pete Wicks, who believes it’s time for a “new type of reality star”.

“I think reality TV follows a lot of the same formats now and you get a lot of the same people,” he explained.

“I think this was an opportunity for a brand new type of reality star to come to the forefront and it’s about time because it kind of makes you think about who you are and being authentic.”

Only time will tell if the panel can handle the pressure of controlling a show starring real people and, of course, if Josh wins.

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