EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wicks’ heartbreaking admission ahead of starring in brand new reality TV show (Mirror)

EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wicks’ heartbreaking admission ahead of starring in brand new reality TV show (Mirror)

Pete Wicks is embarking on a new reality TV venture alongside some fellow famous faces, with the former TOWIE star admitting his past stints on TV haven’t always shown him in the best light

Pete Wicks has made a heartbreaking admission about his career as he prepares to star in an exciting new TV show, saying he feels like he’s been a “w****r”.

The former TOWIE star has teamed up with Love Island 2019 winner Amber Rose Gill, Celebrity Gogglebox star Nick Grimshaw and Geordie Shore legend and Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison for a brand new reality TV show due to hit our screens later this month – but there’s a twist.

The Underdog: Josh Must Win features a group of fun, confident people who think they’re competing to be the top favourite in a contest hosted by former Radio 1 DJ Nick. But whilst the challengers, like Josh, think they are aiming to be the most liked for a cash reward, what they aren’t aware of is their celebrity neighbours next-door, strategizing their own game play to ensure that it is materially Josh.

The series, produced by E4, sees Pete, Vicky, Amber and Nick given the mammoth task of secretly running the show and doing whatever they can to manipulate things and make sure underdog Josh – an unlikely reality TV contestant – is crowned the winner.

The celebrity experts on The Underdog: Josh Must Win are no stranger to reality TV – with Pete previously appearing on shows like TOWIE, Celebs Go Dating, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, Celebrity Circle, Celebrity MasterChef and more. Speaking to the Mirror and other press, Pete reflected on his past TV stints and the public’s perception of him.

Chatting about how The Underdog: Josh Must Win is a kinder reality TV show, compared to more brutal productions like Love Island and Geordie Shore, Pete and his all co-stars all agreed the upcoming E4 series will make people think about how they treat other people. “It made me think of the times I’ve been an arsehole,” Pete confessed. “We’ve all made mistakes and have done things where we’ve gone overboard. It made me feel like a bit of a w**ker if I am honest with you.”

Josh Must Win's Pete Wicks, Amber Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw
Josh Must Win’s Pete Wicks, Amber Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw

Pete’s co-star Vicky also shared a plea to potential viewers ahead of The Underdog: Josh Must Win premiering. “I would just like to ask everybody to be a bit kind when watching it and see if for what it is, which is entertainment and see it for they are seeing it as, which is a very small snap shot into what a person is,” the veteran reality TV star said. “People really didn’t me for a long time and I’m quite nice.”

Continuing to chat about the brand new series, she added: “It’s nice to be part of something in its infancy. It’s very exciting and the content is different. You think to yourself ‘Oh gosh, everything has been done’ but all of a suddenly something comes along like this which is new, fresh and exciting and you think ‘This is going to grab everyone by the short and curlies’.

“We lived this experience for about two weeks and I cannot tell you how obsessed and invested we became. We filmed 18 hours a day and we’d jump in the same people carrier home and we’d talk about it all the way home because we couldn’t help ourselves. It got under our skins and I think it’s going to get under viewers’ skin as well. The whole world is excited about it.”

*The Underdog: Just Must Win starts Monday 25th March at 9pm on E4. Stream on Channel 4.


By Zoe Delaney (originally posted on Mirror, Tue 19th March 2024, 14.05)