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Release the Hounds Returns to ITV2 with a New Host

Release the Hounds Returns to ITV2 with a New Host

Matt Edmondson - Copy
Release the Hounds Returns to ITV2 with a Brand New Host

The award-winning unique, horror game show from Primal Media returns for a brand new series, with Matt Edmondson taking over the reins as host.

Release the Hounds: Famous & Freaked, which will air on ITV2 later this year, is filmed in a remote forest from dusk through to the dead of night. Each episode sees a team of three celebrities experience some of the scariest challenges ever on TV. As the darkness falls, they must face horror themed mental and physical challenges aimed to truly push them to their limits and culminates in the participants being chased by dogs in the hope of winning a large cash prize. If they manage to escape the hounds, the money belongs to them.

Matt Edmondson (Radio 1, The Xtra Factor) will join the celebrated show, now in its fourth series, taking over from Reggie Yates.  Matt will be the master of ceremonies from the ‘control centre’, and guide contestants along in the terrifying challenges that aim to push them to the very edge.

Matt Edmondson said: “Having spent much of last year in the presence of Simon Cowell, I’m used to finding myself in terrifying situations, so I feel fully prepared to be taking on the challenge of hosting Release The Hounds. I love the show, and have enjoyed watching it both on and behind my sofa in the last few years. I can’t wait to scare the living quinoa out of a load of celebrities, and I’m currently in the process of trying to convince the producers to cast my West Highland Terrier, Oscar, as one of the ‘Hounds’.”

Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment said: “I’m delighted to say that the scariest gameshow on television is back where none of the contestants in the forest are safe. Hooray.”

Release the Hounds: Famous and Freaked, commissioned for a 5 x 60 minute series and a 1 x 120 minute Halloween Special, has been commissioned by Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment. The Executive Producers are Mat Steiner and Adam Wood; the series producer is Ben Wilson.

Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg partner with Primal Media

Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg partner with Primal Media


YouTube Duo Eye Linear Hits

Raucous Productions, the indie established by YouTube stars Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg, has partnered with Release The Hounds producer Primal Media as it seeks to make its mark on linear TV.

The company, which was set up in partnership with Dominic Smales, managing director of social media talent agency Gleam Futures, is developing a linear prank show with the Lionsgate-backed producer.

The move came after Sugg worked with Primal, run by former Gogglebox Entertainment duo Mat Steiner and Adam Wood, on an episode of the ITV2 horror gameshow.

The two firms are in active development on the new format ahead of pitching it to linear broadcasters, including ITV2 and Channel 4, and online outlets such as Netflix and Fullscreen.

Speaking at Broadcast’s Media Production Show, Lee said the fledgling firm, which was set up to produce BBC Worldwide-backed travelogue Hit The Road, needed to prove itself, and partnering with Primal gives broadcasters more security to order multi-part series.


James Emtage, who joined Raucous as a development executive in February, added: “With the ambition of the ideas we have and the scale we want to take them to, it made sense to partner with a more established indie, albeit one that shared the same creative vision.

“It’s an incredibly tough market to crack and just because we’re working with talent that has had success on online platforms doesn’t automatically mean we’ll be able to deliver a six-part television series that will have guaranteed success.”

Lee and Sugg, who have more than 10 million subscribers on the Google-owned video platform, decided to start with a prank show after discovering that their wind-up videos, which regularly get 6 million-plus views, received the highest engagement.

“A lot of the stuff that we have on our development slate has stemmed from what’s worked well on our channels. So, for example, prank videos perform a lot better than some of our other videos – they get more likes and comments,” said Lee.

Gleam’s Smales added that Lee and Sugg have a different relationship with their audience than other stars.

“The data that they have access to is way beyond anything we’ve seen before. These guys can tell which second in their video is the most engaging. It’s taking that information to other platforms with a good idea.”


Japanese advertising giant Dentsu has invested in digital talent agency Gleam Futures.

As part of the deal – under which Dentsu is thought to have taken a minority stake in the business – Gleam, run by chief executive Dominic Smales, will work closely with Dentsu Aegis Network’s entertainment division The Story Lab.

The two firms said the deal will “accelerate and enhance” the company’s talent stable and help them “develop deeper commercial partnerships”.

Gleam will continue to operate from its HQ in London’s Charlotte Street, and said its subsidiaries will “benefit from frictionless access to global markets”.

Raucous has a number of projects in the pipeline, including a studio-based entertainment series that mixes nostalgia with YouTube talent; an entertainment format set on a tropical island; and a factual series that delves into the lives of digital entrepreneurs.

The pair are also keen to create ideas they can produce rather than star in. “I would love to get to the stage where emerging digital talent trusts us to work with them,” said Lee.

“It’s not just about sticking us in a show, but developing an idea that goes beyond us.”

However, Smales, who represents 42 online stars including Zoella, healthy eating advocate Marcus Butler and fashion blogger Shahd Batal, said starting a traditional production company is not the end goal for many of his clients.

Broadcast Now | 22 June, 2017 | By Alex Farber

Bigheads Viewers Howling With Laughter

Bigheads Viewers Howling With Laughter


Bigheads viewers howling with laughter after ‘German immigrant’ in Boris Johnson head runs around with pants down

Jason Manford hosted as the member of the public attempted the bizarre assault course wearing a giant Boris head

Bigheads viewers were howling with laughter tonight after a “German immigrant” in a Boris Johnson head ran around with his pants down.

The Foreign Secretary shuffled around in a nightie while attempting to avoid a massive shark in ITV’s new Sunday night gameshow.

Jason Manford hosted proceedings as members of the public attempted a series of challenges while wearing giant celebrity heads .

The presenter, who was furious that Boris and rapper Will.I.Am destroyed part of the set, said: “Boris haven’t you caused us enough problems?”

Boris ran around with his pants down (Photo: ITV)

Boris was ultimately captured by Snapper the shark, missing out on moving to the next round, in the “nonsense but hilarious” programme.

In a change from the norm, the member of the public inside the amazing Boris head did not reveal himself, but admitted he was a “German immigrant” from East London.

The Boris impersonator, who shook his wet shaggy hair at Jason, said: “I actually have no idea what I’m doing today.”

He was eventually captured by the giant shark (Photo: ITV)

Eight competitors were transformed into some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Sir Elton John and Winston Churchill, to compete in It’s A Knockout-style games.

Introducing the weirdly hilarious show, Jason said: “No this is not a dream folks, this is happenign right now.”

The presenter was joined by commentators Jenny Powell and Chris Akabusi, who couldn’t contain their excitement from the sidelines.

Ed was whacked by a giant microphone (Photo: ITV) 

And was thrown to the floor in hilarious scenes (Photo: ITV)

Last week, the contestants were tasked with running down a red carpet conveyor belt and passed the arms of giant bouncers

Ed Sheeran battled it out with Prince Charles and Rihanna, but he was swept off his feet by a powerful microphone, leaving the live studio audience in tears of laughter.

It came down to a neck-and-neck finish but Rihanna defeated her fellow singer and eventually made it through to the grand finale.

Members of the public wore giant celebrity heads (Photo: ITV Picture Desk)

Ed Sheeran made an appearance on the fun new gameshow (Photo: ITV Picture Desk)

Viewers took to Twitter in their hundreds to admit they found Boris on the silly gameshow hilarious.

One viewer said: “#Boris on the bed in his nightie and knicks around his ankles. What could go wrong? hahahaha”

Another added: “That’s the actual size of Boris Johnson’s head”

A third added: “Pahahaha. Borishead is probably the most accurate one yet.”

* Bigheads airs on Sundays on ITV at 7.00pm


Credit – KYLE O’SULLIVAN @ The Mirror

Jason Manford’s New Game Show ‘Big Heads’

Jason Manford’s New Game Show ‘Big Heads’

WATCH: Jason Manford’s New Game Show ‘Big Heads’ Is Brilliant, Bizarre Telly

It’s a little big ‘It’s A Knockout’, A little bit ‘Spitting Image’ – and 100% good fun!

It’s a certainly an odd concept for a game show, but Jason Manford’s new Sunday night programme Big Heads has been a real hit!

The photos from the hour-long light entertainment extravaganza are eye-catching, to say the least. It’s a pretty straightforward show: members of the public go head-to-head in a series of It’s A Knockout style physical challenges. The only catch is that they have to do it while wearing – you guessed it – big heads that disguise them as well-known public figures.

Big Heads Trump
(Credit: ITV)

Among the roll-called of ‘Big Heads’, you’ll find the likes of Simon Cowell, Mo Farah, Donald Trump, Adele, Benedict Cumberbatch, Russell Brand and even Elvis Presley.

If you look back with fondness on the light entertainment glory days of Gladiators or Total Wipeout, this could be the show for you, as it’s sort of a modern-day update of those family friendly game shows. Only, erm, a bit more surreal.

(Credit: ITV)

With its bizarre depictions of household names, Big Heads is also a little reminiscent of Spitting Image, the satirical puppet show that sent up celebs in the ’80s and ’90s. (Incidentally, Spitting Image is set to make a return to telly with a reboot reportedly launching on Sky in the future.)

Basically, if you’ve ever longed to see a nightie-wearing Donald Trump chased by a giant foam shark, your televisual dreams have been answered.

Check out this clip of Simon Cowell running against a conveyor belt to try and get into a nightclub….

(Credit: ITV)

Host Jason Manford is under no illusions about the loveable daft nature of his new project, having spoken about its silliness. The funnyman said: “At no point is anyone on this show saying, ‘This is the greatest spectacle you’ve ever seen in your life, this is going to change lives’. We’re literally going, ‘For an hour, let’s have a laugh at people falling over with massive heads on’.”

He added: “If you like that, that’s what it’s about. If you don’t like that, you need to have a long hard look at yourself.”

 Big Heads group
(Credit: ITV)

Well said, Jason!

The Mancunian comedian had more to say about the show after its first episode aired on ITV last night. “Britain,” he wrote on Twitter, tongue firmly in his cheek, “you should be ashamed of yourself! #bigheads is the number 1 trending topic! #newlow.”

And he wasn’t the only one talking about Big Heads on Twitter. These telly nuts were absolutely loving it and Jason was quick to retweet their praise…

Big Heads airs on ITV at 7pm on Sunday nights, and life will never be the same again.


Bigheads – What’s on tv

Bigheads – What’s on tv

From Primal Media 

Bigheads: Ep1 on ITV

Pictured: Simon Cowell, Camilla, Mo Farah and Donald Trump.

This photograph is (C) Primal Media and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned above. Once made available by ITV plc Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up until the transmission [TX] date and no reproduction fee will be charged. Any subsequent usage may incur a fee. This photograph must not be manipulated [excluding basic cropping] in a manner which alters the visual appearance of the person photographed deemed detrimental or inappropriate by ITV plc Picture Desk.  This photograph must not be syndicated to any other company, publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Plc Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on the website

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Ever dreamed of watching people running around like headless chickens while wearing huge rubber masks of famous people?!

Jason Manford oversees the hilarious chaos as players do battle in a range of It’s a Knockout-style games, trying to win £10,000 and a place in the grand final.




ITV’s New Reality Show

ITV’s New Reality Show


 ITV is giving us a long-awaited Simon Cowell vs Donald Trump grudge match with its new reality show

Any guesses why it’s called Bigheads?

ITV is going to pit our favourite (and least favourite) celebrities against each other in gruelling physical challenges for its new reality competition.

Comedian Jason Manford has unveiled the first look at his show Bigheads, which will transform members of the public into the likes of Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, Theresa May and Victoria Beckham to test their physical prowess.

ITV's Bigheads©  ITV

Each week, these competitors will face off in celebrity-inspired physical challenges where they’ll try to knock each other out of the competition. The winners of each episode will ultimately return for a grand finale.

“I’m really looking forward to you all seeing Bigheads. It’s the daftest show I’ve ever been involved in and I’ve done a lot of daft shows,” Jason Manford joked.

“It’s the show where people in massive celebrity heads get hit in the face and fall over. If you don’t like that you need to have a long hard look at yourself.”

ITV's Bigheads ©  ITV

If the host of this this week’s Nightly Show is calling something else “daft”, you know it’s daft!

Among the other celebrities who’ll be represented are modern-day folks Prince Charles,, Adele, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mo Farah alongside historical figures including Queen Victoria and William Shakespeare.

If you’ve ever fantasised about Adele trying to knock off Queen Victoria in an obstacle course, Bigheads is definitely the show for you!

ITV's Bigheads©  ITV

Joining Jason Manford each week to provide expert analysis of the games will be Olympic track-and-field star Kriss Akabusi and Celebrity Masterchef’s Jenny Powell.

Bigheads will premiere on Sunday, April 23 at 7pm on ITV.

Jason Manford hosts ITV’s brand new game show, Bigheads

Jason Manford hosts ITV’s brand new game show, Bigheads

itv - Copy
Jason Manford hosts ITV’s brand new game show, Bigheads
ITV brings a brand new, larger than life game show to primetime later this spring. Bigheads pits some of the worlds most recognisable faces head to head in this is a unique, fast paced and high-energy show.
Every week eight members of the public are transformed into the world’s most famous celebrities by donning giant heads. The Bigheads compete against each other in a series of massive celebrity-inspired challenges in this new physical game show.
The celebrity Bigheads featured in the series range from politicians and celebrities through to historical figures and royalty. For example Simon Cowell, Mo Farah, Adele, Benedict Cumberbatch and Victoria Beckham will appear alongside the likes of William Shakespeare, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Queen Victoria and Donald Trump.
This six part series, hosted by comedian Jason Manford, will be filmed in front of a live arena audience, culminating in a grand finale, sixth episode.
Jason Manford said: “I’m really looking forward to you all seeing Big Heads. It’s the daftest show I’ve ever been involved in and I’ve done a lot of daft shows! It’s the show where people in massive celebrity heads get hit in the face and fall over. If you don’t like that you need to have a long hard look at yourself.”
Joining Jason each week to commentate on proceedings will be TV personality Jenny Powell and Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE.
Jenny Powell said: “I’m so excited to be involved in a show like Bigheads for ITV. It’s so different from anything I’ve done before and I’m delighted to be working with the hilarious Jason Manford and sporting legend Kriss Akabusi. Viewers can expect a lot of fun and high energy – it’s a real treat for all the family.”
Kriss Akabusi said: “I’m very excited to be involved with ITV’s new series Bigheads! It has everything one could want and more for evening family entertainment; drama, excitement, spectacular costumes and set, all this fused with real athletic endeavour.”
Bigheads has been commissioned by Head of Comedy Entertainment Peter Davey and Gemma John-Lewis, Assistant Commissioner, Comedy and Entertainment. Peter Davey said: “It happens rarely but this was the first time ‘I commissioned in the room’. The idea made me laugh at that original pitch and makes me laugh every time we meet to further develop it. It’s unhinged – in a warm, fun, family viewing type way…. if that’s possible”.
Mat Steiner, Adam Wood and Paul Wright from Primal Media will executive produce the show.