Nick Grimshaw wants his own chat show (Yahoo)

Nick Grimshaw wants his own chat show (Yahoo)

Pete Wicks, Amber Gill, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw on the set of The Underdog: Josh Must Win
Photograph: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4

Nick Grimshaw wants his own chat show.

The 39-year-old star is best known for his work with BBC Radio 1 but left in 2021 after 14 years on air and has now admitted that because he “loves” talking to people, he would love to host his own television programme.

He told Metro newspaper’s SixtySeconds column: “I enjoy talking to people, so I would love to do some sort of chat show. Having time away has made me love radio even more and I do miss it.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Celebrity Googlebox’ star – who will soon be seen hosting ‘Josh Must Win’ for Channel 4 alongside ‘Geordie Shore’ legend Vicky Pattison, ‘Love Island’ winner Amber Gill and Pete Wicks of ‘TOWIE’ fame – will celebrate his milestone 40th birthday in August and admitted that he is “excited” about it all but revealed that his mother is twice his age and she is always the one who is away partying.

He added: “I feel excited about getting older. It’s not like you turn 40 and you’ve got to – I don’t know – get a shed and sit in it [laughs]. My mum is 81 and I can’t get hold of her. She’s so busy, always doing something, girls’ holidays… she goes to Ibiza with her friends. Forty is not anything to worry about at all!”

Away from the spotlight, Nick has been engaged to long-term boyfriend Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry since 2022 and had intended to tie the knot relatively soon after the proposal without making the engagement their whole “personality” but joked that that has become the case.

He said: “When we got engaged, I was like, ‘Let’s not be them people who talk about getting married for five years and it’s their personality and that’s all they can talk about. Now, we are them people!”


By BANG Showbiz (originally published on, Wed 20th March 2024)