The Underdog: Josh Must Win


This mammoth new show sees a gorgeous, confident, larger-than-life cast compete in a popularity contest, which they believe is called “The Favourite” hosted by presenter Nick Grimshaw. However, amongst the players there is an underdog no one is expecting. His name is Josh. But who is Josh and why is he so important?

Whilst all the players (including Josh) believe they are battling it out to be the most popular, and win a cash prize on The Favourite, what none of them know is that living next door is a group of celebrities, masterminding their own game of strategy, and doing everything they can to ensure that JoshMustWin – without blowing their cover…

Tasked with controlling this unique reality show is: Nick Grimshaw, Amber Rose Gill, Vicky Pattison and Pete Wicks.

Faced with their greatest challenge to date, they will do everything they can to influence the game – by setting tasks, introducing jaw-dropping format twists, mastering the art of manipulation and using all they’ve learnt about reality shows and popularity to ensure Josh’s triumph. But can Josh win without him or any of the players discovering the truth?

What does it take to be popular today? Can this panel handle the pressure of controlling a show starring real people? This contemporary take on the reality show will make you laugh out loud, and change the rules of the game.