Neil Kirby

Development Executive

Neil’s a Development Executive whose credits span a wide range of genres, including reality shows like The One That Got Away (Amazon Prime), comedy ents like Sex Unzipped (Netflix), big events like Encanto: Live At The Hollywood Bowl (Disney Plus), studio panel with The Big Quiz: Corrie vs Emmerdale (ITV), cooking competitions like Yes Chef (BBC), even quiz shows like Battle of the Brains and Sudo-Q (BBC).

Prior to his current role at Primal he’s worked at companies such as Fulwell 73, ITV, BBC, Whizz Kid Entertainment, Zig Zag, and the Eagle and Child pub in Whitefield, Manchester.

Neil considers himself to be part of the gay bear community, which means he wears a lot of flannel and trucker caps. This once prompted Robbie Williams to ask him if he was a doomsday prepper, to which the answer was no – although Neil does keep a go-bag handy at all times “just in case”.